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Useful Utilities
If you are a Do It Yourselfer then the below links will help you clean your PC of viruses, spyware and improve general nimbleness of your systems. Check back pften as new approved utilites become available.

CAUTION: Use of these utilites could damage your system. Use at your own risk.

System Utilities Spyrus Utilities
This utility will remove unneeded programs from starting with your PC. Does not remove them permanently feom your system MalwareBytes is a great tool for removing those hard to clean infections
Contig is a defragmenting utility that defragments individual files. Another great utility for cleaning spyruses
Crystal Disk reads the S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic data from your hard drive and tells you your hard drives health Cleans spyruses and has an active scanner for free!
DriveMax backs up your hardware drivers Avast is a free anti-virus that offers good protection for home users
Killbox allows you to delete files liocked by other processes
Bootvis improves your boot up speed
Pagedefrag defragments you pagefile and registry hives. These files are not optimized using normal defragmenting programs