What is Hassle Free IT ?

Hassle Free IT is a maintenance and support solution for small to medium businesses.  Proactive maintenance along with around-the-clock monitoring of your computer systems help to prevent downtime before it interrupts your business.
Hassle Free IT offers the following advantages over traditional IT services:

    • Fixed monthly payments
    • Immediate technical support – no more waiting for on-site technicians
    • Preventative Maintenance – increased productivity
    • Includes all of the labor, software, and services that are required to keep your systems running smoothly.

Why do you need Hassle Free IT?

Our maintenance plan is designed to keep your computer systems running better than the day you purchased them. We believe in the efficiency of preventative maintenance.  We believe paying to bring computers back up after catastrophic neglect costs our clients more than properly maintaining them.
Hassle Free IT also provides direct access to our helpdesk where our technicians solve up to 70% of all technical support issues remotely. Our quick response coupled with a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan will dramatically improve your productivity and reduce your overall investment in computer-related services.

What’s included?

Hassle Free IT includes comprehensive monitoring of your computer systems and Internet equipment. Hassle Free IT keeps your workstations and laptops optimized and secure by performing daily, weekly and monthly maintenance.
Hassle Free IT includes:

How does it work?

Industry leading management software is installed on our client’s computer systems.  The software monitors the computer systems in real time, as well as providing our technicians with the ability to access the network remotely.  When a problem is detected, the management software attempts to resolve the issue automatically and within seconds.  If the problem persists, our support staff is notified and begins to work on a solution.
When you need assistance, call our office and receive immediate support.  The management software allows you to interact with a technician in real-time to diagnose and resolve you issue immediately.  Most issues can be solved without a technician ever having to come on-site.


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